The most respected word in business worldwide is Innovator
it isn't professor or attorney
"Life's Tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late" Ben Franklin



Learning important reality's of the world in the first two months will help shape needed new ideas, character and fuel the passion to make great change happen. The main emphasis, of course, is hands on making it happen so that you are valued as an exceptional standout from the crowd. Your experience, continued strategic team effort and abilities will also be irresistable to employers in addition to your own goals and purpose much earlier.

You can even hear some of the CEO's (Craig from Craigslist, current CEO of, Netflix and many other new century leaders that have been and will be on Innovators Radio say in their own words that they will interview Innovators Academy Attendees:


Frustration with the status quo is often times the mother of Innovation We primarily solve Main street problems.You can see some of our current thoughts here:
Look at the secondary "minor" choice in the next section then ask yourself:
Does a better: 1.) Career roadmap 2.) Way to leave a continuous impact/legacy: Sending a child or grandchild to Innovators Academy   3.) Goodwill sponsorship with Strategic effort in return EXIST?


It won't be reading some version 12 theory textbook or wasting time studying for an irrelevant"mid -term" to see how well you can fall in line and get used to the status quo (while the business of college treats others like cattle


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